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Illustrations by Howard PyleThe man with the hoe : and other poems by Edwin Markham (1900)The Invisible BrideThe low-voiced girls that go  In gardens of the Lord,Like flowers of the field they grow  In sisterly accord.Their whispering feet are white  Along the leafy ways;They go in whirls of light  Too beautiful for praise.And in their band forsooth  Is one to set me free—The one that touched my youth—  The one God gave to me.(source)

Illustrations by Howard Pyle
The man with the hoe : and other poems by Edwin Markham (1900)

The Invisible Bride

The low-voiced girls that go
  In gardens of the Lord,
Like flowers of the field they grow
  In sisterly accord.

Their whispering feet are white
  Along the leafy ways;
They go in whirls of light
  Too beautiful for praise.

And in their band forsooth
  Is one to set me free—
The one that touched my youth—
  The one God gave to me.


(Source: venusmilk)

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